What Does Innovation Mean to You?

Not every day does such a loaded question gets posed to you. So when Mr. Sukhdeep Sachdev, our Global CEO asked this to each and every one of us, it was a thinker for most of us. There were many answers, including the idea of creating something new and unique; however, in my understanding, that would mean invention.

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Innovation is much larger than that. It is practical, logical, and, above all, in our ingenious CEO’s words, cutting edge. Innovation is disruptive and it breaks the clutter. The central theme it inculcates is the idea of integrating multiple good ideas to form a great idea. So, what makes a technology cutting edge and innovative? Let’s look at the different life science technology that reflects the vision of Leader Life Sciences.


The boundaries between biology, engineering, nanotechnology, and IT are fuzzier than ever. Bioconvergence is a revolution that involves the widespread convergence of many diverse domains. The advancement of healthcare technology is not just reliant on nature. Now it drives the thought from other areas of man-made innovations and the merging of the two is what has created this new trend.

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CELLINK, with its invention of the first bioink and the 3D bioprinting instruments, is changing the nature of life sciences. Likewise, the research community is being driven to change with the new applications that have become available like BIO X6, BIO CELLX, and BIONOVA X from Cellink. In the fight against cancer, for instance, bio-convergence has immense potential to help doctors customize treatment through omics-based tumor profiling, miniaturized drug delivery, and tissue replacement.

Laboratory 4.0

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Like in every industry, the research community has all attested to the fact that automation and digitalization have helped laboratories increase their quality, accuracy, and traceability. With technology breakthroughs, robotics, and IoT, the life sciences industry believes the time is right for digital adoption in every laboratory. As partners in discovery, Leader Life Sciences aims to improve laboratory planning, control, and quality assurance through digitization.

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One of the key partners enabling us in this goal is Eppendorf. With a varied range of products that specialize in easing the life of the scientific research community. For example, automated liquid pipetting machines are designed to help you automate routine pipetting tasks to free up time for more scientific operations. epMotion is available in four different formats and with varying upgrade options, giving the flexibility to tailor the system to specific applications. In addition, the unique software makes programming easy and allows you to set up even complex tasks with minimal training.

Personalized Medicine

A cutting-edge strategy called precision medicine takes into consideration the unique variations in people’s genes, environments, and lifestyles. It advances our scientific and medical research, keeps our families healthier, and provides medical experts with the tools to focus on the precise therapies for the ailments we experience.

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This comes from the ability to take genomics – an area within genetics that concerns the sequencing and analysis of an organism’s genome – from the laboratory bench in hi-tech labs to the patient’s bedside will play a vital role in the future of the health of patients across the region.

For example, the application of next-generation sequencing in cancer genomics allowed for a better understanding of the genetics and pathogenesis of cancer. Single-cell genomics is a relatively new field that has enhanced our current knowledge of the genetic diversity of cells involved in the complex biological systems of cancer. Single-cell genomics is a rapidly developing field, and current technologies can assay a single cell’s gene expression, DNA variation, epigenetic state, and nuclear structure.

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Our partner Singleron independently developed a portfolio of high-quality single-cell sequencing products, including SCOPE® single-cell sequencing library construction kits, Matrix® automated single-cell processing system, CeleScope® bioinformatic analysis software, and SynEcoSys® annotation database. These will enable the systematic study of important cellular events such as cell differentiation, reprogramming, communication networks, developmental dynamics, and deficiencies, thereby going into the most negligible data of the patient – the cell.

Leading the charge of innovation and being the partners of discovery in the life science industry is what it means to be part of Leader Life Sciences. To learn more about these solutions, contact us at marketing@leaderlifesciences.com.

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