His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has stated that the U.A.E. will become a role model for the world, particularly in education, health and technology. Has this goal defined specific directions for Leader Group? Cutting edge tools for research and healthcare must be available within the region to be a role model for the world in education, health and technology.
In alignment to the goal defined by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Leader Group has built a solutions portfolio that seamlessly connects education, health and technology. Leader Life Sciences, Leader EduTech, Leader BioTech-Pharma and Leader Healthcare are the entities that represent the solutions canvas of Leader Group. Scalable and turnkey solutions for research labs, STEM education, healthcare simulation and centres of excellence support the national and regional agenda.

In 2019-2020, Khalifa University and the U.A.E. University have ranked even higher in world university rankings. Both are now among the top 350 universities worldwide. This has been possible due to the focus on research-intensive activities, as well as research collaborations with top global, regional and local organizations that contribute to scientific exploration. The good work must continue. Leader Group offers integrated solutions to support these initiatives—to excel in research, to have top rankings for many more universities, and for the U.A.E. to be the topmost destination for education.
Genomics, extreme medicine, precision medicine, pharmacology, toxicology, reproductive medicine, bio-mechanics, bio-artificial tissue engineering, circadian neurobiology, biomarker discovery, and hyperbaric medicine are just a few areas of research and education that could place the U.A.E. on the world map for research excellence, intellectual propriety and innovation.

One of the aims of the U.A.E.’s Vision 2021 is achieving a world- class healthcare system. How is Leader Group contributing?

The Vision 2021 National Agenda emphasizes the importance of preventive medicine. It seeks to reduce cancer and lifestyle related diseases, and facilitate a longer, healthy life for citizens. The Health Threat Intelligence Toolkit introduced by Leader Group in collaboration with Dr. Giuseppe Mucci at BioSciences Genomics addresses these goals. It incorporates genomics, cell biology, molecular biology and precision medicine to serve the objective of a longer, healthy life for citizens. The program enables an individual to monitor their genetic stability through genetic predisposition, impact of environment and effects of lifestyle across a lifetime. Imbalances are identified before they manifest as lesions or diseases.

For example, Helixsmoker is a cancer prevention program within the Health Threat Intelligence Toolkit designed to reduce the prevalence of smoking. We know that smokers have the highest likelihood of developing lung cancer. But why do some smokers develop lung cancer, while others do not? Because the body’s ability to repair DNA damage varies from person to person. Helixmoker helps a smoker make an informed decision in favor of quitting the habit. An assessment of genes associated with lung cancer reveals whether the smoker’s body is able to repair DNA damage caused by smoking. If DNA damage is progressive, the individual will have the choice to quit smoking before the disease manifests itself.

The youth are the entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow. They must be sensitized to the gift of health, hazards of substance abuse, and encouraged towards a career in the health professions. Leader Group plans to create anatomy museums in collaboration with schools and colleges, with the aim of fostering an appreciation for the marvel of engineering—the human body. And to correlate this appreciation with the preservation of health.

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