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Diseases are invaders. They invade our bodies without permission and starts a series of destructive events in our body. The first step towards erasing these diseases is by identifying them. But unfortunately, it’s a hard process since the disease-causing microorganism is almost invisible to our eyes. And science has developed a technology that is almost synonymous with a modern-day ‘detective’ called Histopathology – who is smart to delve into the unknown spheres of our body and catch that disease-causing organism red-handed. If we call diseases cryptic serial killers that have vowed a killing spree on every organ of a body, histopathology’s bioengineered devices transpire a plan to bring the ‘culprit into the light’ and execute it. Histopathology examines anatomical tissues in detail to observe the appearance of diseased cells. It is an age-old discipline that continues to be the gold standard for diagnosis.

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Typically, disease diagnosis is performed using the examination of the tissues. The tissues undergo multiple processes before their reach as slide in front of the examiner’s desk. Tissue must be prepared in such a way that it can be examined microscopically and all the structures within it can be distinguished. Fresh tissue is delicate and easily damaged, so it cannot be cut into thin sections unless it is chemically preserved or “fixed” in some way prior to being cut. Before the preparation of histopathology slides, they must go through extensive preparations called tissue fixation, transfer of specimen to cassettes, tissue processing, sectioning, and staining.

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Since 1954, SLEE medical, the original cryostat manufacturer, has been designing histology equipments. The company is made up of professionals who practice classical German engineering and focus on cutting-edge research, scientific knowledge, and high-tech manufacturing. Tissue processors, printers, water baths, cytocentrifuges, cryostats, and their most well-known product line- microtomes, are among their comprehensive product list, which rivals any on the market today.

SLEE endeavors to provide their patrons with machinery that will contribute to making their research facilities more viable, in addition to enhancing the microscopic sample procedure. Both businesses have cultures that prioritize customer needs over their own. As a result, they are complementary to one another and eager to collaborate to provide UAE labs with the most up-to-date, reliable medical science equipment.

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The USB of SLEE is its adaptability to the changing world. Though it’s a 50-year-old company it consistently adapts to the need of the world without losing the precision which is an important element in the discipline of histopathology. Malign diseases like cancer and their diagnosis are heavily dependent on histopathological processes. Histopathologists scrutinize cells and tissues removed from potentially malicious masses to describe the nature of the anomalies and if the mass is life-threatening, to provide information to patients about the category and grade of cancer as well as the odds of response to a specific treatment.

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Biopsy tissue can now be procured from inaccessible areas, including the pancreas and the peritoneum, thanks to intricate imaging techniques.

There has been a myriad of developments in recent years that have had a massive effect on how we deliver universal healthcare. Pathology, like other clinical disciplines, has had to adapt to rising needs and challenges in the health service in general, and those confronting the specialty. Pathology labs are currently facing several challenges, including growing demands for pathology services, an increase in the number of biopsies, adherence to standards for tracking cancer cases, and various specimen handling suggestions. Other challenges to overcome include the need to improve turnaround time as a critical component of clinical management, as well as the need to comply with regulatory requirements of various accreditation and quality assurance regulatory bodies, as well as the growing trend of sub-specialization within clinical specialties and the reduction in autopsies. Being a pioneer in histopathology equipment, Slee with its innovative solutions can address all the concerns of the modern healthcare market.

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Slee tissue embedders MTP can handle a throughput of 240 cassettes at a time and vacuum tissue processors MTM I and II are highly advantageous for the biopsy diagnosis. The pouring stations of Slee which is generally used to envelop the tissue in paraffin wax are available in the capacities of 3.5 liters to 5-liter tanks. Moreover, these pouring station model like MPS W has a preheating area for as much as 500 embedding molds. The precision-oriented swift working microtomes such as Cut 4062, Cut 5062 of slee can do the slicing job of the molds in an efficient manner.

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The cryostat range of Slee MEV and MEV+ offers simple operation, space-saving design and an efficient deep-freeze bar and cryo-chamber cooling down to -35 °C. The water bath and stretching table combination Slidetec Water / Heat is designed for the stretching of paraffin sections and the subsequent drying of the sections on slides in histological laboratories. The advanced staining systems of the Slee such as MSM, Cromatech I/II, and M.A.S can accommodate a variety of needs ranging from routine tasks to high throughput requirements. Especially the M.A.S staining system can accommodate can work for various coloring protocols at the same time. The highly efficient centrifuges are cost-friendly and are equipped with high-yielding cooling systems with up to 10 memory slots.

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