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Leader Life Sciences sets a milestone completing 1 year in reshaping Laboratory Research, Diagnostics and Healthcare.

Ever since the pandemic began, the world took a significant shift. So did our lives. The pandemic sure turned our lands barren, but it did shower us with lessons of enlightenment. We are more careful now about our lifestyle than we ever were by taking every necessary measure of being healthy and taking advantage of medical technology to improve the quality of our lives. The CEO of Leader Healthcare Group, Mr. Sukhdeep Sachdev, took one such humanitarian step in setting up Leader Life Sciences in Dubai Science Park to reshape our present, foreseeing the future because the future is now.

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Leader Life Sciences is proud to be celebrating its 1-year anniversary of being a pioneer in progressive healthcare solutions and medical education in the MENA, APAC & South Asia regions. Our commitment to providing state-of-the-art tools for applications across Human health, Animal Research, Pharmacology, 3D Bio-printing, OMICS and forensics has paved a way to achieve incredible targets consistently. When the nation was driving through darkness, Leader Life Sciences lit the path courageously. We hold pride in developing an immense team with dedicated departmentsAt the time when the world economy took a huge dig, we collaborated with more than 15 niche innovative tech companies across the globe in providing cutting-edge solutions in laboratory research and diagnostics. The list of Leader Life Science’s achievements has many such glorious deeds in just one year.

The Leader Life Sciences team shined to the forefront in combatting the virus by setting up COVID-19 testing centers across the UAE. We also facilitated building G42, Biogenix Multi-specialty laboratories in just seven days. Furthermore, our arms of services were always spread wide in backing up healthcare solutions providers such as Pure Health in COVID-19 laboratory supplies and Ambulatory Healthcare Service (AHS – SEHA) in setting up vaccination centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Supporting the Nations initiatives, partnered with Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) we established 4 Field Hospital Labs and Pharmacies across Sharjah, Dubai, RAK and Ajman. Building a state-of-the-art Multi-OMICS wellness center in Abu Dhabi and Health sciences labs in Fujairah University was only possible with the versatile Leader Life Sciences squad. 

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Our professional’s sheer devotion and drive helped us transform the field of Bio-printing, OMICS, Bioprocess and Laboratory automation with Cellink USA, the first and only Bio-convergence company. Likewise, we aided the drug discovery and Academic Research with high-end vivarium solutions from Allentown, USA. Leader life Sciences holds immense pleasure in introducing CARPL, the world’s only vendor-neutral platform for Artificial intelligence in Radiology. In the view of hyperactive anti-aging solutions, we refashioned Skin wellness and Genetics with revolutionary SkinDNA testing. The field of Molecular Biology, Genomics and Stem Cell Research has always been Leader Life Science’s higher competencies where we introduced the world’s first self-sustained cryogenic freezers for high-end Stem Cell Research and Tissue banking.

Leader Life Sciences is thrilled to honor its team and clients with a bouquet of achievements filled with gratitude and a sense of pride. Striving for innovative and disruptive scientific solutions have always been Leader Life Science’s hallmarks. In the glory of this momentous event, we vow to upscale it even forward by many miles offering path-breaking Life Sciences Technologies for the advancement of laboratory research and clinical diagnostics and to be your constant Partner in Discovery 

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