Leader Life Sciences Announces Strategic Collaboration To Accelerate Innovation In Bioprinting

During these unprecedented times, medical technology advancement is being actively pursued. Companies and experts are collaborating with the sole purpose of improving lives. One such recent joint effort has sprawled in the field of life sciences research. Leader Life Sciences, an end-to-end progressive healthcare solution provider, is pleased to enter into an innovative collaboration with Cellink to leverage the industry’s awareness and advancement in drug discovery.

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Leader Life Sciences pathbreaking solutions in Genomics and Molecular biology with Cellink’s expertise in Bio convergence will spur new opportunities and development in the nation’s AI-driven healthcare system. For the companies to remain relevant in the ever-evolving life sciences landscape, joint efforts often pave ways to make lives future-ready. The conventional life advancements techniques will soon become obsolete and the development of disruptive scientific breakthroughs into accessible technologies will impact generations the most.

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Life sciences is a lucrative industry, with biotech developments becoming an increasing portion of many country’s economies. The pure hunger for transforming life’s quality drives Leader Life Sciences and Cellink to sweat on various products. The companies will explore the development of life sciences on a wide range of products in Bioprinting, Liquid dispensing, Live cell imaging platforms, Liquid handling, NGS solutions, Bioreactors and much more. The Leader Life Sciences primarily intends to use Cellink’s advanced 3d Bioprinters and I.Dot, a patented approach for optimizing non-contact liquid handling tasks, to help the company integrate further into progressive healthcare solutions and medical education in the MENA, APAC & South Asia regions.

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This collaboration will also support the rapid generation of 3D cell cultures, tissue and disease models for modern drug discovery and development through automation. But what really is Bioprinting? Bioprinting is a revolutionary three-dimensional printing of biological tissue and organs through the layering of living cells. The field of tissue engineering has a lot to go in creating complex organs like the heart and lungs. However, the journey to that road has begun significantly, promising an intense transformation of biomedicine. This collaboration looks forward to equipping hundreds of research labs and hospitals in the nation and across with Bioprinters to revolutionize academic and clinical medicine advancements.

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The future is AI. With the fast-paced nature of technology, Artificial Intelligence has become a crucial element in life sciences research as well. Machine learning is being utilized in new applications, like diagnosing severe illnesses and laboratory tests.

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When we shed the healthcare beam on AI, the face of diagnosis shines in a whole different perspective and that’s precisely what Leader Life Sciences strive for. Partnering will Cellink will deliver transformation for our clients, providing the best healthcare solution.

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