Four Reasons to Start Printing with BIO CELLX

‘The solution often turns out more beautiful than the puzzle.’ – the immortal words of Richard Dawkins, the revolutionary biologists could not be more apt to describe the innovations manifested within the Bioconvergance market.

The bioprinter BIO CELLX is known for its simplified automation of 3D cell culture. Leveraging BIOPOD ( Bioprinting on Demand) technology this printer offers pre-sent and pre-validated protocols that brings the power of 3D cell biology to a researcher’s table. Check out some of the features that would make you start printing:

1.     Easy to operate

It is combining a state-of-the-art instrument with pre-validated, built-in protocols and material mixing cartridges to offer a solution that is easier to use than any other system on the market, a plug-and-play user experience. This allows you to use different materials and more of them for complex models that significantly increase throughput, cutting overall print time and improving experiment efficiency.

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2.     Automation in Bioink Preparation

At the touch of a button, cartridges allow for the gentle and homogeneous mixing of cells with hydrogels. This innovative method assures high cell survival while also automating collagen neutralization and compactness. Thanks to industry-leading auto-calibration, which uses a suite of sensors to precisely position nozzles for consistently optimal dispensing, highly accurate, automatic calibration assures reproducible prints. A patent-pending system activates when the camera points at the nozzle tip, triggering an algorithm to automatically prime the nozzle ensuring the right droplet size.

3.     Combability and Effortless hydrogel extrusion

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The democratized approach to this version enables not only Cellink material but any material developed by the user or from other sources to be used on BIO CELLEX. Each of the three cartridge stations offers precise temperature control ranging from 0°C to 60°C, allowing for hassle-free printing of ECM hydrogels and bioinks like Collagen, GelMA, and GelXA. By supporting microplates up to 384-well plates, the platform offers a perfect solution for drug discovery applications. This futuristic approach, the BIO CELLX will be developing more printheads that can grow research further.

4.     Maximum Convenience

Pre-validated protocols, which were developed by scientists for scientists, provide consistent and repeatable 3D model development by guiding users through every step of the workflow, from material selection through dispensing to suggested downstream analysis methods. When working on a benchtop in a laboratory environment, CELLINK’s fully contained, unique Clean Chamber technology, paired with a patent-pending de-lidding method, protects the sterility of the whole process.

Its unique design and engineering are envisioned to be more flexible and used for more applications like bioprinting organs, drug delivery, 3D Models for drug discovery, artificial tissues & constructs, organs on a chip, biotechnology, etc.

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