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world-leading lab automation solutions that transform the way scientists work and make a real difference to human health.

Medlab Middle East 2023

Arab Health 2023

Africa Health ExCon 2022

Precision Med Exhibition and Conference

The role of Histopathology in Diagnosis and Prognosis of an Illness

Bioconvergece webinar series Part 2: Revolutionizing your workflow

Explore the impact of automating laboratories and discover the latest technologies that redefine the life sciences laboratory workflow.

Medlab Middle East 2022

Medlab Middle East secures itself as the region’s leading medical laboratory exhibition, Medlab Middle East facilitates the meeting of over 23,000+ medical laboratory, healthcare, and trade professionals from 140+ countries.

Bioconvergence Webinar Series. Part 1: 3D Bioprinting

Explore about the fundamentals of 3D Bioprinting and Biofabrication. Leader Life sciences is happy to take you through various research applications of 3D Bioprinting including the demonstration of the steps involved in 3D Bioprinting.

Precision Med Exhibition and Conference

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