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His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has stated that the U.A.E. will become a role model for the world, particularly in education, health and technology. Has this goal defined specific directions for Leader Group? Cutting edge tools for research and healthcare must be available within the region to be a role model for the world in education, health and technology.

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The CEO paradise has one dilemma – working on the business as opposed to working in the business. In the real world, the volume of CEO dilemmas would rival an army of ants scurrying out of an anthill.

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Engaging, educating and empowering future physicians

Universities and teaching hospitals have traditionally relied on donated human cadavers to learn anatomy. However, preserved cadavers are not always available and plastinated specimens can be difficult to obtain. Modern 3D printing technology facilitates the availability of anatomically correct, coloured plastic prints of various parts of the body or a full body at a fraction of the cost of an embalmed or plastinated body.

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The Rising Importance of Research Sector in Qatar

In recent decades, Qatar’s health system has seen significant development. The country’s health infrastructure has been altered through increased investment in new healthcare facilities, services, and technologies, guaranteeing the country’s fast-growing population’s health demands are addressed. Qatar’s desire to produce

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Integration = Innovation = Inspiration

Integration = Innovation = Inspiration During the latter half of the 21st century began the onset of the information age marking the third industrial revolution – digitalization. When COVID 19 landed like a meteor in our lives, digitalization was rapidly

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What Does Innovation Mean to You?

Not every day does such a loaded question gets posed to you. So when Mr. Sukhdeep Sachdev, our Global CEO asked this to each and every one of us, it was a thinker for most of us. There were many

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