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The Rising Importance of Research Sector in Qatar

In recent decades, Qatar’s health system has seen significant development. The country’s health infrastructure has been altered through increased investment in new healthcare facilities, services, and technologies, guaranteeing the country’s fast-growing population’s health demands are addressed. Qatar’s desire to produce

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Integration = Innovation = Inspiration

Integration = Innovation = Inspiration During the latter half of the 21st century began the onset of the information age marking the third industrial revolution – digitalization. When COVID 19 landed like a meteor in our lives, digitalization was rapidly

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What Does Innovation Mean to You?

Not every day does such a loaded question gets posed to you. So when Mr. Sukhdeep Sachdev, our Global CEO asked this to each and every one of us, it was a thinker for most of us. There were many

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The Life Science of Brain Research

“What a remarkably fragile structure to support such a valuable payload.” When Sheldon Cooper from the popular sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, says these words, it really makes us question the human structure. But, of course, the payload he refers

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A Tale of Life Science

Blurring the lines of Biochemistry, engineering, and artificial intelligence, the life science community is moving towards an era of revolution. Marking more than a month on my journey through Leader Life Science has been enlightening. My feeling is quite similar to those kids who walked through the back door into the magical world of Narnia or Diagon Alley. I can’t choose.

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5 Reasons Why SkinDNA is the Next Big Thing in Aesthetic Genetic Testing

SkinDNA is one such revolutionary DNA laboratory test where an individual’s DNA is examined across 16 genetic markers (SNPs) in 5 categories associated with skin aging: Firmness & Elasticity, Wrinkling, Sun Damage & Pigmentation, Free Radical Damage and Sensitivity & Inflammation. These results aids in creating a scientifically customized, unique skincare regime tailored specifically to that person.

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The Tale of Histopathology Webinar

During my few years of experience in digital marketing, Webinar is something that I have come across. Definitely have attended a lot of them and have done a lot of back-end planning and promotions for some of them. But at

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Four Reasons to Start Printing with BIO CELLX

‘The solution often turns out more beautiful than the puzzle.’ – the immortal words of Richard Dawkins, the revolutionary biologists could not be more apt to describe the innovations manifested within the Bioconvergance market. The bioprinter BIO CELLX is known for

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