Automation in Laboratories

To Be or Not to Be Automated

Lab automation began with the aim to free researchers from manual operations and speed up the testing process. However, it has now progressed to the point where it can now deliver precise and high-quality results that can provide additional value to the researchers.

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The Tale of Histopathology Webinar

During my few years of experience in digital marketing, Webinar is something that I have come across. Definitely have attended a lot of them and have done a lot of back-end planning and promotions for some of them. But at

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Four Reasons to Start Printing with BIO CELLX

‘The solution often turns out more beautiful than the puzzle.’ – the immortal words of Richard Dawkins, the revolutionary biologists could not be more apt to describe the innovations manifested within the Bioconvergance market. The bioprinter BIO CELLX is known for

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