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Genomics: Deciphering the cryptic language of the genes

The Life Science of Brain Research

Slee is the Sky Of Top-Notch Pathological Solutions

Can Medical Science Advance Without Animal Testing?

Leader Life Sciences Forms Strategic Alliance and Exclusive Partnership with SLEE Medical

It’s been said that no man is an island. Innovations in art, business and sport have often been the result of teamwork, with one forward thinker breaking down a barrier, only for others to carry the idea further. Science, of course, is no exception. Leader Life Sciences and SLEE Medical GmbH recently have come together to give a new boost in histopathology in the region.

A Tale of Life Science

Blurring the lines of Biochemistry, engineering, and artificial intelligence, the life science community is moving towards an era of revolution. Marking more than a month on my journey through Leader Life Science has been enlightening. My feeling is quite similar to those kids who walked through the back door into the magical world of Narnia or Diagon Alley. I can’t choose.

To Be or Not to Be Automated

Lab automation began with the aim to free researchers from manual operations and speed up the testing process. However, it has now progressed to the point where it can now deliver precise and high-quality results that can provide additional value to the researchers.

Allentown Detergents: Creating superior standards in animal house cleanliness

“Cleanliness is the Hallmark of perfect standards, and the best quality inspector is the conscience” Jehangir Ratanji’s words resonate high in the animal research industry. The perfect standards are the only acceptable way to run a research laboratory that includes animals."

COVID 19: Repercussion and Redemption for the Life Sciences Industry

While Covid-19 continues to transform daily reality with new revelations every day, the life sciences industries have been adapting at a breakneck pace, initially to support the global response in the early days of the outbreak and now to point the way towards long-term recovery.

Precision Medicine: The Future of Life Sciences and Healthcare

More often than not diseases are influenced by various factors that an individual is subjected to, some of which are general factors while others are specific individual factors. If any industry is on a whole new level of a paradigm shift, then it's healthcare.

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