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COVID 19: Repercussion and Redemption for the Life Sciences Industry

While Covid-19 continues to transform daily reality with new revelations every day, the life sciences industries have been adapting at a breakneck pace, initially to support the global response in the early days of the outbreak and now to point the way towards long-term recovery.

Precision Medicine: The Future of Life Sciences and Healthcare

More often than not diseases are influenced by various factors that an individual is subjected to, some of which are general factors while others are specific individual factors. If any industry is on a whole new level of a paradigm shift, then it's healthcare.

SkinDNA Partners with Leader Healthcare Group for new distribution channel in Middle East

The SkinDNA Company is a world leader in research and scientific advancement in predictive skin ageing and clinical product recommendation. Invented in 2008, SkinDNA technology powers more than 70% of all DNA testing skin health products globally.

Allentown Inc. – A Trusted Name In The Animal Research Community

Over the years, as the demand for high-quality environmental control housing systems has increased, Leader Life Sciences has remained a recognized leader in innovation. Life Sciences with Allentown offers state-of-the-art housing solutions for the laboratory animal science community to help support innovative product development while seeking better alternatives.

Leader Life Sciences Announces Strategic Collaboration To Accelerate Innovation In Bioprinting

During these unprecedented times, medical technology advancement is being actively pursued. Companies and experts are collaborating with the sole purpose of improving lives. One such recent joint effort has sprawled in the field of life sciences research. Leader Life Sciences, an end-to-end progressive healthcare solution provider, is pleased to enter into an innovative collaboration with Cellink to leverage the industry’s awareness and advancement in drug discovery.

5 Reasons Why SkinDNA is the Next Big Thing in Aesthetic Genetic Testing

SkinDNA is one such revolutionary DNA laboratory test where an individual's DNA is examined across 16 genetic markers (SNPs) in 5 categories associated with skin aging: Firmness & Elasticity, Wrinkling, Sun Damage & Pigmentation, Free Radical Damage and Sensitivity & Inflammation. These results aids in creating a scientifically customized, unique skincare regime tailored specifically to that person.


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