Welcome to Leader Life Sciences

Leader Life Sciences is a spin-off of Leader Healthcare Group, a pioneer of progressive healthcare solutions and medical education in the MENA, APAC & South Asia regions. We strive to bring researchers and innovation-focused organizations path breaking tools for applications across human health, animal research, pharmacology, forensics and much more.

One of the biggest challenges posed in front of the life sciences industry is the gap between science and technology. Leader Life Sciences aims at bridging this gap by bringing technology to every scientific requirement, thereby taking research and development to the next level. We have a team of scientists, laboratory professionals, regulatory experts and biomedical engineers who are driving this mission.
State of the art laboratories, genomics, molecular diagnostics and implementation of artificial intelligence into the medical sciences are some of the end-to-end solutions we provide.


We passionately strive to facilitate access to innovative and disruptive scientific solutions that transforms quality of life.


Introducing path breaking Lifesciences Technologies for Advancement of Laboratory Research and Clinical Diagnostics.