A Tale of Life Science

Blurring the lines of Biochemistry, engineering, and artificial intelligence, the life science community is moving towards an era of revolution. Marking more than a month on my journey through Leader Life Science has been enlightening. My feeling is quite similar to those kids who walked through the back door into the magical world of Narnia or Diagon Alley. I can’t choose.

According to a Mckinsey article, the global biotech sector is flourishing. The vaccine success stories and that of Pfizer and BioNTech partnership helped highlight the biotech industry’s significant impact in advancing healthcare. Leader Healthcare group realized this potential in 2020 and incepted the Leader Life Sciences.

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A world of biotechnologies that contribute to the advancement of the scientific community. I was introduced to a world of Biconvergence, genomics, lab automation, among others. Speaking to the passionate expert team members, it was a time to unravel the secrets of Life Sciences. Apart from the strong team, the most significant asset is our partners with innovative technology.

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Allentown offers animal housing for humane animal research practices. Care and welfare of the animals would mean the research will be conducted more accurately. They develop their housing systems based on scientific findings on how they could positively affect the animals. They also provide washing solutions of these systems, giving the researchers more time to focus on the animals and their study than on these mundane activities.

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Slee is a pioneer in precision technology that provides specific solutions for histopathology. One of my colleagues explained the various aspects of life sciences helped me etymologically understand the term histopathology. “Histo meaning tissue,” Rahaf El Obaid, our Innovation and Acquisition Specialist, said, “plus pathology meaning diagnosing, so when combined, it would diagnose a tissue. As we all know, tissue is a very tiny part of living organisms. To make a diagnosis on the same, it needs to cut even further into thin layers. And that is what Slee specializes in.

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Another exciting technology that I am personally excited about is SkinDNA. When I received my crash course on the product, I was fascinated to learn that each of our Skin is so unique that it will have its singular makings and properties. This was when I raised a question to one of our talented product specialists, Hirni Doshi, “Why is it that all of our genes are 99% same, but our reports on SkinDNA are so different?” Shockingly I learned that our uniqueness is owed to only 0.1% of the difference in genes. SkinDNA specializes in technology that can create these unique reports and advise you on the kind of products you can use and provide insights on any genetic skin conditions you could develop. I have given my cheek swab for the test, but more on that in a later chapter.

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I think the fascinating technology that I encountered here would have to be CELLINK. A bio-ink, an ink that can potentially print, well us! It is the future of organ transplants and the replacement of human clinical trials. It is truly something so futuristic that, for a moment, it can be disguised as Magic.

There is obviously so much more to learn and absorb, but this is the small amount of information that I have soaked up in my past month.

What is the role of the Leader Group in all of this? What is our bunch of expert scientists and engineers huddled over at our wonderful office at Dubai Science Park do?

When I met the ever-busy man of the hour on Leader Life Sciences, Nirmal Kumar gave me the gist. We would like to think of us as the bridge or the explorers traveling through the vast world of life science technology and connecting them to newer worlds. We enable access to these technologies currently in the GCC region and potentially more.

This, by far, is the most exciting venture I have undertaken in my career nay life.

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